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Every homeowner dreams of having a beautiful and unique landscape that their family and friends can spend hours enjoying, but creating a great outdoor space is often easier said than done.


With Decorative Landscape Rocks, transforming your outdoor space into the yard of your dreams has never been easier. Our high-quality Strawberry Cream landscaping rocks are incredibly versatile and can be used for a wide variety of different landscaping projects.


No matter what you want to do with your landscape, Strawberry Cream rocks from Decorative Landscape Rocks can add the texture, color, and depth you need to transform your yard into an outdoor paradise you just can’t get enough of.

These locations include Utah Landscaping Rock in Provo, and Arrow Rock and Stone and Asphalt Materials in West Jordan, so no matter where you live, your new decorative landscaping rocks are most likely just a short drive away.


Still, if you can’t find a supplier close enough to you, please feel free to contact us and we’ll gladly do whatever we can to get you the decorative rocks you need to get the dream landscape you’ve always wanted.


At Decorative Landscape Rocks, we’re proud to help Utahns everywhere get the landscape rocks they need to get the outdoor space of their dreams. Still, we know we could never do that without making our decorative rocks as easy to get as possible.


We have a number of pickup locations that make it really easy for our customers to get their hands on our beautiful Strawberry Cream decorative landscaping rocks. When you order from us, all you need to do is tell us which location is most convenient for you and we’ll send your order right there.



There are tons of different options out there when it comes to landscaping rocks, so you may be wondering why should you choose Decorative Landscape Rocks over all the rest.


Here at Decorative Landscape Rocks we collect the finest Utah red rock from our local rock pit in Richfield and refine it into a beautiful and easy-to-use mixture of landscaping stones. With their beautiful hues of pink and red, our Strawberry Cream decorative rocks can add much-needed color, texture, and depth to your lawn and garden.


However, our Strawberry Cream rocks aren’t just pretty to look at. They’re incredibly versatile and can be used in a wide variety of different landscaping projects. They can be used to build charming garden pathways, low-maintenance driveways, and warm, welcoming patios. Not to mention, their durability makes them superior to mulch when it comes to filling in garden beds.


With three different sizes to choose from including 2+ inches, -1 ½ inches, and pea gravel, no matter what your next landscaping project is, you can be sure that we can provide the exact type of rock you need to get your next landscaping project done right.


So, if you are thinking of giving the landscape around your home a much-needed renovation, look no further than Decorative Landscape Rocks, your trusted decorative rock supplier.

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