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Strawberry Cream Screed, Pea Gravel, Fines

Strawberry Cream Screed, Pea Gravel, Fines

2000 Pounds

Known as Pea Gravel, Fines, or Squeegee, Screed is ½” minus gravel. Perfect for packing. Beautiful angular crushed gravel. Color is predominantly pink, red, white, purple, black, yellow and brown mixed. All the colors of Strawberry Cream. Perfect for decorative applications, pathways, flowerbeds, and under trees.  Easy to walk on. This gravel is not washed.Use for creating a base for roads, under cement and driveways.


*FOR PICKUP - Under 5 Tons, there is a $15 load fee

*FOR DELIVERY - Maximum of 15 Tons per delivery charge. An additional fee will be charged for each load.

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