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Decorative Landscape Rocks is the leading supplier of decorative rocks in Herriman, UT, and we’re proud to be providing the residents of Herriman with the beautiful decorative rocks they need to revamp their outdoor space.


Our signature Strawberry Cream decorative landscaping rocks are some of the most vibrant and colorful rocks you’ll find in all of Utah, allowing you to create a striking contrast of color with the lush greens present throughout your lawn and garden that adds an instant touch of elegance to your landscape.


With plenty of convenient pickup locations close by, we’re making it easier than ever for the people of Herriman to get the high-quality decorative rocks they need to make the outdoor spaces of their dreams.


Since the very beginning, we’ve been dedicated to providing people all over Utah with the most unique and colorful decorative landscaping rocks that our beautiful state has to offer, but in order to do that, we knew that we needed to make our Strawberry Cream rocks easily accessible as possible.


We have a number of pickup locations that make it easy for you to stop by and pick up your new decorative rocks, and while we don’t have any suppliers located in Herriman, you can still rest assured that our products are only just a short drive away.

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When you order from us, we can deliver to one of our two pickup locations in nearby West Jordan, Arrow Rock and Stone and Asphalt Materials. All you need to do is make the short drive up the road to pick them up.


And if you’re in the area, our Provo pickup location, Utah Landscaping Rock, makes it just as easy to get your hands on our amazing Strawberry Cream landscaping rocks. So, if you’re thinking about enhancing your landscape, contact us and we’ll deliver your new decorative rocks to whichever pickup location is most convenient for you.


Here at Decorative Landscape Rocks, we know that you have plenty of options when it comes to your landscaping rock needs, but in addition to being easy to get, our Strawberry Cream rocks are simply unmatched by any other.


Collected from our local rock pit in Richfield, right next to the appropriately named Strawberry Canyon, the vibrant pinks and reds of our Strawberry Cream decorative landscaping rocks are absolutely stunning. That along with their unique texture makes these rocks perfect for adding a bit of diversity, contrast, and depth to your landscape.


However, our Strawberry Cream decorative rocks don’t just look good. They’re also incredibly versatile and can be used in a ton of different landscaping projects, from building high-traffic areas like walkways and driveways to more decorative uses like covering garden beds.


And all of that is before mentioning that they come in three different sizes including 2+ inches, -1 ½ inches, and pea gravel, adding to their versatility and making it easy for you to find the right-sized rocks to achieve your desired look.


So, if you live in Herriman, there’s never been a better time than now to renovate your outdoor space and you can trust Strawberry Cream rocks from Decorative Landscape Rocks to get the job done right.

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