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What is the Best Stone For Landscaping?

It's no secret that a bit of good landscaping can go a long way to transforming your boring outdoor space into a beautiful paradise that you can enjoy every day, but no landscaping project is complete without the use of decorative rocks.

There are tons of different types of landscaping stones that you can use to enhance the curb appeal of your home, and they come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors meaning that you have plenty of options to choose from.

However, with so many different choices, it can be challenging to decide which one is best for your particular project. So, what is the best stone for landscaping and what are they used for?

Unfortunately answering this question is a bit more complicated than you might think. There are a lot of different types of stone used for landscaping and they all have their advantages and disadvantages. This means that the best stone for landscaping is often dependent on what type of landscaping project you want to undertake.

For example, pea gravel is a great choice for making beautiful pathways and filing in garden beds, however, if you want to build a retaining wall to tier your garden, pea gravel simply wouldn’t work at all and you’d be much better off using something like sandstone.

The look that you’re going for will also drastically affect what type of decorative stone is best for your project. For instance, river rocks are great if you want a more natural look, however, if you want a more modern look, you might prefer using crushed granite.

The Best Types of Stone For Landscaping and What They’re Used For

As mentioned above, the best type of landscaping stone will depend on the type of project. Still, here are some of the best types of stone for landscaping and what they’re used for.

Pea Gravel

Pea gravel is a small, rounded stone that comes in various colors and is perfect for creating natural-looking landscapes. It's a popular choice for making pathways and filling in garden beds and patios.

River Rocks

River rocks come in a wide variety of sizes and colors and are smooth and round. Typically one of the more expensive types of decorative rocks, river rocks work great in water features like fountains and ponds.

Polished Stones

Also commonly used in water features, the smooth, shiny surface, and variety of colors that polished stones come in, can add a modern touch to any landscape.

Crushed Granite

Crushed granite’s angular shape and rough texture give it a unique modern look, making it ideal as ground cover for garden beds or making pathways and driveways.

Lava Rock

Lava rock has a uniquely porous texture and comes in striking red black and gray colors, all of which make it perfect for accenting water features and as general ground cover.


Sandstone is incredibly strong and weather resistant making it a great choice for building retaining walls, and Its yellow, red, and brown colors add a warm, earthy feel to any outdoor space.


Flat, thin and durable, flagstone comes in a variety of colors including gray, brown, and red, and is great for patios and other high-traffic areas.

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