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How Do You Keep Landscape Rocks in Place?

Landscape rocks can add texture, color, depth, and natural beauty to the landscape around your home. However, gravity isn’t always your best friend here, and getting your decorative rock to stay put can be harder than you might think.

The last thing anyone wants is to see their beautifully arranged landscape rocks scattered all over the place, so whether you want to keep river rocks in place on a slope or lava rocks in place in your garden bed, here are the best ways to keep rocks in place.

Prepare the Area Where You Want to Put Your Landscape Rocks

Preparing the area where you want to put your landscape rocks is incredibly important to help them stay in one place. Removing any existing debris, grass, and other vegetation and then creating a small recessed area for the rock to sit in is a great way to make sure that your rocks, including shiny river rocks, stay in place on a slope.

Use Landscape Fabric

Landscape fabric is another excellent solution when it comes to keeping river rocks and any other rocks in place on a slope. Landscape fabric is essentially a special type of woven cloth meant to allow water through while preventing weeds from growing, but it can also help keep landscape rocks in place.

You can do this by simply placing the landscape fabric over the area you want to cover and using stakes and pins to hold it in place. Once it’s secured, you can place your landscape rocks on top of the fabric, ensuring that your landscape rocks stay in place.

Install Edging

Edging is another effective way to keep landscape rocks in place. Edging creates a barrier that prevents rocks from shifting out of place and it can be made of various materials including bricks, and many other types of landscape rocks.

Whether you want to keep river rocks in place on a slope, lava rocks in place in a garden bed, or pea gravel in place on a pathway, edging is probably the most simple and effective way to keep landscape rocks in place.

Build a Retaining Wall

While a bit more labor intensive than edging, building a retaining wall is also a great way to keep landscape rocks, like river rocks, in place on a slope. A retaining wall is a great tool for holding back soil and preventing erosion, but it can also help level out a slope and provide a barrier that keeps river rocks in place on a slope and separates your landscape rocks from the ground below.

Use Adhesives

If all else fails, you can always use adhesives to keep your landscape rocks in place. Most hardware stores have a variety of different adhesives that can help keep larger decorative rocks as well as gravel and river rocks in place.

All you need to do is follow the directions on the adhesive you buy, apply it, and place your landscape rocks where you want them to stay. However, it’s worth noting that using adhesives is incredibly effective and may make it challenging to rearrange your decorative rocks if you want to do so later on.

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